Around the May Garden


Our Green Man from Teresa’s Ceramics on Etsy. Check her out here!


The May garden is full of blossoms! We are excitedly planting feverfew, cosmos, tomatoes, and herbs and cutting lovely Victorian Climbing roses for our table. We are so lucky to be surrounded by so much beauty.

We recently added a Green Man to our garden. Green Men are benevolent forest spirits, said to watch over growing things. We wanted to infuse some magic into our garden, so our new green man now watches over the newly planted herbs and flowers. Hopefully he will bring us a good harvest! From what I’ve read, Green Men are a pre-Christian symbol of growth and fertility and can be found depicted in many locations primarily across Europe. Despite their status as “pre-Christian icons” Green Men are often found carved on churches, a curious occurrence that I can’t seem to find much explanation for online. I regret that I didn’t go searching for Green Men more when I was living in England! Next time I’m in Devon I’ll go looking…

We are soaking in the sunshine and eating more and more fresh things from the garden (and hopefully from the Farmer’s Market this weekend). I’m excited for my upcoming travels, though I may be off the blog for a week or so… I’ll see what I can do.

Sending sunshine xx

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There’s magic in the new spring air. At the park, my dad and I spied a Great Blue Heron take flight and land amid the branches on an island in the lake.  The heron looked primeval and utterly strange, yet had a certain ungainly grace in its long neck and expansive wings. Turning away to walk along the shore towards home, we spied a hawk (I believe it was a Cooper’s Hawk) swoop from the tree tops to the muddy edge of the water, gazing at the ducks and drinking occasionally. I crept along the bank and was able to get close enough to capture a few close-up photos. How incredible to observe these creatures in our very own little park!

In the garden, my red tulip has opened and the ginnala maple has become so green! I love how the spring leaves look like lime fizz, softly contrasting against the blue sky. The bluejays were back in the garden (alas they were being elusive and I wasn’t able to get a good photo of their plumage). The are truly magical birds.

Every season has its own magic, and for me, spring is the time for wonder and exclamation as the world opens up and wakes up. It’s easy to imagine fairies in the greenwood, and naiads in the lake, as enchantment hangs around each daffodil and the budding crocuses.

Sending a bit of fairy dust to all.