Swans and Kite Flying

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DSCN2954 DSCN2959

We journeyed back to Wyoming for the eclipse in late August. Because Jackson is so much further north than Denver, the trees were already turning and there was a slight chill in the air. Autumn is my favorite season, so I relished the anticipation of cooler temperatures and cozy evenings. We ate out at our favorite Thai restaurant and had coffee almost every morning at our favorite coffee shop. On the way back to the cabin from town, we spied the Trumpeter Swans lazily gliding along the river. During our last trip to the valley in June, every time I remembered to bring my camera there was nary a swan in sight, and yet every time I forgot my camera we would see the whole swan family. This time, I finally caught them when I was prepared. I love watching how smoothly they swim through the river, and how striking their white plumage is against the grey water. We don’t get swans in Denver, as we are too far south, so they are quite a special sight. Swans seem to bring their own quiet magic to the rivers in Wyoming, and I feel so lucky we witnessed a mother and her signets.

One blustery afternoon (the day before the eclipse), Kevin fished out the old kite from the basement and we went out back to enjoy some old-fashioned kite flying! I hadn’t flown a kite since I was a kid and I have to say it was just as much fun as I remember. Though there were many failed launch attempts, the greatest difficulty turned out to be getting the kite back down to the earth after we unleashed it to a great height. We had to have my dad help reel it in, especially since I was nervous about someone getting a finger caught in the extremely tense kite string. Despite this, I can’t wait to find our old kite at home and give it a whirl some windy autumn afternoon.

I have a forthcoming post about the eclipse that I intend to share in the next few days. For now, I’m trying to endure the last lingering summer heat. 97 degrees today! At least the tomatoes are happy. I certainly am ready for autumn and am already thinking about hot chocolate and apple crisp.

p.s. I finally started to run short on WordPress photo storage. You can now view my new Flickr account here! I’m using Flickr now to embed URLs into my posts. So far, so good!


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