The Fourth of July and Around the Garden


I’ve been a bit slow with posting recently, so here’s an assortment of the best garden photos from the last month along with some snaps of July 4th.

The garden is in full swing, we harvested all our remaining lettuce last week and are now looking forward to some ripening tomatoes. Asters, California bluebells, Victorian climbing roses, poppies, and sage are all blooming and the honeybees love the abundant blossoms. Our little herb garden has doubled in size since I last mentioned it in this post and I’ll make sure to add some photos next time. The California bluebells are from that herb garden, and our very own pink hollyhock is about to bloom. I always feel so grateful for the midsummer abundance. I regret that I didn’t celebrate Midsummer this year – I had to work that evening – but being out in the garden feels like a celebration in itself, and with our Green Man looking over everything it feels almost enchanted.

July Fourth was quiet this year. It was Kevin’s idea to “grill out” and I’m so glad we did! We spent time with family, cooked delicious burgers for dinner (with homemade pickles!) and watched an amazing fireworks show with family friends.  Afterwards, we had our traditional black cows (root beer floats), which were perfectly refreshing on a warm evening. I might have to continue the black cow tradition throughout the summer…

I hope everyone is having a beautiful and relaxing season soaking in the sunshine.





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