Slow Days


It’s been a slow, sleepy mid-May around here. We’ve had a couple late weather systems, (we were so afraid the last snowfall would kill our baby cherries, but they survived!) and the days have been cooler and grey. Perfect cozy weather! Last week, during our snow/rain cold spell, the lake at the park began to billow with steam. I suppose this must happen more often in humid climates or perhaps it was just the right combination of cold rain and warmer lake water, but it was absolutely magical. I stood on the bank getting soaked, but snapping some pictures with my phone. The large flock of Barn Swallows flitted in and out of the mist, darting down to the water’s surface to grab a bite to eat. At once, they all took off and flew in a hazy cloud through the fog!

Adventures around here have included a lot of cooking. Last week Kevin and I made a slightly ill-fated tomato soup. The recipe called for bread as a thickener, and though that method definitely worked, the resulting gelatinous quality was not our favorite. Next time we’ll go old fashioned tomato basil. I also made a olive oil cake! I used this recipe originally from Cook’s Illustrated but found in Homesong’s archives. Yum! We served the cake with berries and homemade whipped cream. I definitely recommend it, especially during these sleepy rainy afternoons.

Looking forward to some upcoming travels and late afternoon thunderstorms. Oh, and a little surprise for this space!



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