This Lovely Month of May (and embracing minimalism)

1. Some pretty yellow flowers at the Denver Botanic Gardens. DSCN1731
2. Tulips blooming in lovely rifts at the DBG.DSCN1714.JPG
3. Welsh Onions at DBG! (I didn’t realize these existed…)DSCN1712
4. My friend Timmy (and Kevin too of course <3) looking at the flora.unnamed
5. Timmy and Jake (left to right) out for a night on the town with Kevin and I!DSCN1768
6. A surprise late April / early May snowstorm! The tulips got a shock.DSCN1783.JPG
7. A sweet house finch in the snow.DSCN1822
8. Red-winged Blackbird.DSCN1816.JPG
9. A “teenage” Red-wing.DSCN1870
10. Part of a huge flock of Barn Swallows – at least as far as my identification knowledge goes! DSCN1919
11. One of Kevin’s squirrel friends!DSCN1929
12. An orange poppy and a little visitor to the right.DSCN1930
13. One of many seeded dandelions waiting for wishes.DSCN1960
14. Our local goslings with mama.DSCN1942
15. Pelicans at Grasmere Lake.DSCN1965
16. A pelican with a black cap on his head. I can’t seem to find anything about this type of marking online, perhaps a more immature bird?DSCN1944
17. taking the dive for some fish!DSCN1975
18. A duckling swims against the tide in the “City Ditch” at the park.DSCN1982
19. A shy snowy egret from across the lake. DSCN1999
20. My lovely mom enjoying her mother’s day breakfast.DSCN2016
21. Anemone and ranunculus! What could be better?DSCN2002
22. A little pollinator visits the garden!DSCN2003
23. My dad and I built my mom an herb garden for Mother’s Day using cross-sections from old aspen timber we had removed from our yard a few years back. We decided on a whimsical curvy wall to add some fun to the space.DSCN2017
24. Last but certainly not least – the Harrison’s Yellow is beginning to bloom!

What a busy vibrant few weeks it’s been! I feel like each day is packed to bursting with fun and things to do. I decided to caption all the pictures in this post, since there are so many! Hopefully it’s a helpful way to glance through my last few weeks.

Earlier this month, some dear friends from college (Timmy and Jake pictured above) visited us, and it was so lovely to show them around the city, cook dinners, and go for late night pizza! They are such wonderful friends, and I feel so lucky we’ve stayed connected after graduation.

At the park, the local wildlife is thriving! The pelicans continue to astound me. As they fish, they swim in graceful formation to dip under the lake for a bite to eat. We’ve also seen quite a few Red-winged Blackbirds around the lake, singing their warbly song and flashing their scarlet wings. Of course, the baby ducks and geese are too cute, and I’ve been playing the delicate game of getting close enough for a picture without alarming their mamas too much.

Last weekend we planted herbs in the garden (chives, basil, sage, and rosemary) and created a new garden space and border wall. I was reminded yet again how satisfying and good it feels to work outside – especially when making such tangible progress. I also sprinkled some “flower fairy” seeds around, and am hoping to see some emerging shoots in a few days. We are planning on planting tomatoes, bush beans, (hopefully) tomatillo peppers, and carrots in that plot as well. We still miss the grand old apple tree that used to stand there, but I must say all this new space for extra flowers and veggies is a lovely silver-lining.

As for minimalism – I feel a bit chagrined mentioning the concept after such a maximal post! I should have only included a simple picture of a blossom instead of an excess of such colorful images (just kidding). Minimalism doesn’t mean having no pictures in a blog post – what I’m talking about is the impulse to live more simply. I watched this documentary about minimalism and combined with reading this absolutely lovely blog I’ve started work on the ongoing project of living a more simple life. I started to wonder why I had so many things I don’t love and don’t use (this harkens to Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, which I haven’t read but am interested in investigating further). Three big bags of clothes, a bag of books, and another of jewelry + knick knacks later, and I feel like I’ve barely made a dent. Let’s just say there’s always more tidying one can do! After watching Minimalism I will say I had reservations about how sparse and unfriendly many of the minimal spaces appeared. This is where Homesong fits in so well, as she discusses the benefits of having a minimal space but never at the expense of that space being cozy and welcoming. This is something I can wholeheartedly get behind. I’ve pretty much completely organized and tidied my room and now I’m on to the more daunting project – the basement. I think I’ll have to have Kevin on hand for spider wrangling. Yikes!

We are preparing for another spring snowfall this weekend and my heart contracts when I think of our poor little cherry buds. Take time to smell some of the roses before the snow comes!

xx T

Here’s the url for the Minimalism documentary again. I watched the film on Netflix.
Read more about “the minimalists” here:
Also, here’s a more specific post from Homesong about their minimal lifestyle:


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