Celebrating Easter


The Easter Hare postcard and a new pussy-willow fairy (from Kevin) are part of the Easter nature table.


I finally got around to dyeing those easter eggs! My mom and I got out the dyes and enjoyed a lovely afternoon outside last week. We used brown eggs so the colors are extra rich and vibrant, and I put some eggs out in the grass as if the Easter Hare had been to our house for a visit. Now, the eggs are slowly being eaten (egg salad and perhaps a Salade Niçoise tonight) and we are enjoying the early fruits of spring. Around the garden, we have some tangerine poppies, deep purple iris, and little radishes are pushing up through the soil in our raised beds. Our cherry tree seems to be thriving this year and was filled with lovely white blossoms – we hope there will be enough fruit for a whole pie in July!
This spring, the lilacs are particularly incredible. At the botanic gardens a whole rift of lilacs is blooming along a hillside, filling the air with an irresistible sweetness. They come in so many colors too: white, pink, lavender, and deep purple. I feel so lucky we can take the time to enjoy them.

Yesterday, my mom and I took a little walk in the park to celebrate Earth Day. We walked along the lake, enjoying the cormorants, geese, snowy egrets, and a lone pelican. After a few minutes of gliding around the lake, the pelican took flight and as we watched he ascended so that he looked almost like an airplane, barely visible but for his black wingtips against the clouds. We also stumbled across a Black Crowned Night Heron busily eating some buds from a tree. He wobbled and swayed, stretching out his long neck to reach the berries. Tentatively, he clambered down the branches to reach his plunder, all the while we wondered if they would even hold his weight. What an incredible creature to see by our own lake!


I hope you have all had some time to celebrate the new life and growth of spring! Cut some flowers from the garden, read a poem, make iced-tea, soak in the warmer days.




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