Alma Mater


The road Kevin and I walked down every day.


My house from last year! The two dormer windows were my bedroom windows.


The record wall in the radio station.
The broadcasting booth (the red door leads to the sound mixing room for the studio)


Kevin and I spent last weekend visiting our Alma Mater, Kenyon College in Ohio. We went to celebrate WKCO’s 70th birthday and to say goodbye to the old radio station (they are knocking down the station this summer to build a new home for WKCO). We both worked for the station during college – I was the programming director and Kevin worked as the intern director and social media director – so of course this occasion was bittersweet. Nevertheless, it felt good to have a last moment in the booth, looking at old records and chatting, and in a way it felt as though nothing had changed. To celebrate, the station held a big music festival on Saturday, featuring student bands as well as bands from out of town. It was lovely so see so many friends and familiar faces and to say a last goodbye to an important part of my time at Kenyon.

We spent our days strolling around campus, drinking coffee, and meeting with favorite professors. It was a perfect way to say a final farewell to my college years (I daresay I won’t visit again until my five year reunion). Circling back to college, I remembered how much I loved Kenyon, the people I met there, and everything I learned, yet it felt as though this part of my life has come to a close. I was surprised that visiting again made me feel more at peace with graduation.  It’s lovely to be back home, at my desk, and looking forward to pursuing graduate school and writing poetry.

Yesterday we were home in time to celebrate Easter with a simple – but delicious! – dinner. I’ll be back soon with a bit more on our Easter celebrations (we celebrate Easter as the fertility and new growth of spring rather than as a Christian holiday). Hopefully I’ll have time to dye some eggs this evening…

Happy trails to all!


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