A red-tailed hawk at the botanic gardens.


It’s been far too long since my last post! I had so many pictures to sort through I fear the photographs today are a bit of a spring whirlwind. Many are from Kevin and my frequent trips to the Botanic Gardens (you can see the Victorian glasshouse in the background of the first “checkered lily” photo), and some are from daily walks around the neighborhood. We’ve been enjoying magnolia trees (my mom’s special tree), apple blossoms, and PELICANS in the park.

A few weeks ago, my dad and I were walking and we found an absolutely lovely temporary art piece. Stones and seed pods had been decorated and painted and were arranged in a ring around some benches. They all shared positive messages about love, kindness, and hope. We walked around admiring the beautiful designs and the silly pea-pod and pepper. When I returned to the same spot the next day, they were all gone! I feel so happy we stumbled across that little moment of magic when we did.

As the spring blossoms here in Colorado, I feel reinvigorated and excited about my creative pursuits. It’s definitely been a hard year for me creatively, and I finally feel like I have the ground beneath my feet. I’ve been trying to work more on poetry and finding discipline and space in which to write. With a mug of tea in hand (always an indispensable part of any creative pursuit) I settle down at my desk and see where the muse takes me. I’ve been trying to call out my “boggarts” – fears and doubts that nag at me while I’m writing. I’ll name them: fear of failure (failure to complete something, failure to get published, failure to be successful), fear of judgement (what if everyone hates what I write?!), fear of mediocrity, and the kind of unattainable personal standard that places a fledgling draft of a poem next to my own polished work or even next to that of a famous poet. What are all these boggarts doing in my head? And when on earth did they sneak in? Now at least I’ve called them all out by name. This is my first step to a reinvented creative process, acknowledging that I do struggle with these questions many writers face, and letting them go. I’m also working on creating a “writing routine” so it’s easier to slip into a creative space. I’m starting with tea and something inspirational to read, and seeing where that takes me.

I’ll be out of town for a few days, back soon in time to celebrate Easter!

To close: a lovely song performed by Anna & Elizabeth.
Wishing you all strength and insight in the coming week!


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