There’s magic in the new spring air. At the park, my dad and I spied a Great Blue Heron take flight and land amid the branches on an island in the lake.  The heron looked primeval and utterly strange, yet had a certain ungainly grace in its long neck and expansive wings. Turning away to walk along the shore towards home, we spied a hawk (I believe it was a Cooper’s Hawk) swoop from the tree tops to the muddy edge of the water, gazing at the ducks and drinking occasionally. I crept along the bank and was able to get close enough to capture a few close-up photos. How incredible to observe these creatures in our very own little park!

In the garden, my red tulip has opened and the ginnala maple has become so green! I love how the spring leaves look like lime fizz, softly contrasting against the blue sky. The bluejays were back in the garden (alas they were being elusive and I wasn’t able to get a good photo of their plumage). The are truly magical birds.

Every season has its own magic, and for me, spring is the time for wonder and exclamation as the world opens up and wakes up. It’s easy to imagine fairies in the greenwood, and naiads in the lake, as enchantment hangs around each daffodil and the budding crocuses.

Sending a bit of fairy dust to all.





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