A little green shamrock plant for St. Patrick’s Day.


Pardon the blurriness – but I thought I should include this photo anyway.

This week I’ve been meditating upon compromise. Originally, I’d planned a big celebration for St. Patrick’s day (Irish beer, soda bread, fairy stories, and our very own Clootie Tree in the garden) but for reasons out of my control almost none of those things came to fruition. Kevin didn’t get the night off work and it seemed there wasn’t much energy to continue the celebrations, especially since Kevin and I had planned most of the merrymaking. So I had to compromise, accepting the change in pace and letting go of the evening I’d envisioned. Of course I was disappointed, but sometimes compromise is okay.

The pictures above are from Kevin’s birthday! We went to the botanic gardens and marveled at an apricot tree, which was blossoming and smelled heavenly. We also had fun walking up and down in the Orangery – there were ripening Meyer lemons (pictured above) as well as grapefruit and blood oranges. For dinner, we ate salmon, grilled asparagus, and leeks in anchovy butter from this recipe. To top it all off we enjoyed hot chocolate cake and a rollicking game of cards after dinner.

Now that we have entered Spring (or at least almost – tomorrow is the equinox!) I’ve noticed how much lighter the evenings are, and how many more flowers are blooming in the garden. We have one little red tulip starting in the garden (I’ll try and get a snap for my next post) and the trees are becoming greener. Additionally, I’ve been trying to incorporate springtime foods that nourish the body into my diet, and therefore have been experimenting with leeks! As I mentioned above we made a gorgeous leek with anchovy butter dish last week, but my mom and I also made a wonderful leek soup. We used this recipe from the New York Times cooking website. It was delicious!


Once the leeks are cooked, they are blended with raw spinach making this soup bright green!

I hope everyone is out and about enjoying the springtime. Here’s a little picture of St. Patrick from the Nuremburg Chronicle.

St patrick
Image sourced from Wikimedia.




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