Candlemas Season


Two Common Goldeneyes


Welcome to the coming spring! We are in the midst of a very warm spell in Colorado, (almost 80 degrees today!) which feels good but a bit eerie for this time of year. The birds in the garden have been absolutely loving the warmer weather, and it seems we can’t fill our bird feeder quickly enough. Yesterday, I spied the first little crocuses coming up from their slumber, and there was a damp smell to the earth as if the thaw has finally begun. The lake in the park is buzzing with ducks of all varieties, flocks of Canadian geese, and soon I hope some of the wading birds will return.  It feels like everyone is shaking out their feathers in anticipation of the spring.

I’ve been thinking often about Candlemas (see last year’s post for more history on the holiday) and the anticipation this time of year holds for renewal and new resolutions. This year, I’ve resolved to continue the ever elusive pursuit of writing, which includes a great deal of discipline on my behalf. Yesterday, Kevin and I were discussing that although writing is enjoyable, it’s still hard work. Often, it’s more tempting to curl up in front of a favorite TV series than to sit down at the desk and work, even though it’s work I love. This is my resolution and my challenge for myself this year: to create space and give myself permission to write.

Speaking of writing, I have a desk update! I bought myself some new bookends! They are geodes (it was hard to capture a closeup without glare) and they are perfect for holding a small selection of books right on my desk. It’s become my favorite spot, perfect for long afternoons working, and perfect (I hope) to aid in my resolution for the coming year.


I can’t end this post without acknowledging the loss my family experienced in the last two weeks. After 14 energetic and wonderful years we said goodbye to our German Shepherd, Greta. In the end, we all felt peaceful, although of course we miss her very much and it’s hard to imagine our house without her. Rest in peace my sweet, feisty, loyal friend, I think of you often and with so much love.

Playing in her favorite weather – snow!!

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