Summer Days

I’ve been thinking about how difficult it is to practice patience. Patience with the last flurry of summer heat though I’m longing for fall, patience as each vegetable in the garden ripens, and patience with myself as I continue to adjust to being at home. I was recently battling with some illness, and though I’m not completely better – I’ve been feeling stronger every day. Unfortunately, I decided to push my limits on Monday and ended up pale and in bed for the rest of the afternoon, once again reminded of how bodies are wise and need the proper time to heal. Though I’m going slightly insane – sanguine temperaments are not natural homebodies – I’ve been trying to practice resting and not pushing myself to heal faster.

Luckily I was feeling better enough to cook a nice (and VERY belated) graduation dinner for Kevin on Monday night, complete with garden veggies, homemade pesto, and a rather salty attempt at a Hot Chocolate Cake (unfortunately we added the wrong kind of salt, and the course crystals didn’t assimilate in an appealing way). But the rest of the meal was delicious, and we all had a lovely time sitting around the table and talking.

My mom’s Pesto recipe and a ranunculus !!! 




The garden is in full flourish – I thought I’d just give you a few highlights so you can get a sense of how green and thriving everything is.



“A garden is a delight to the eye and a solace for the soul.” – Saadi

Alongside quiet days, I’ve had more time to delve into a personal passion of mine, and I’ve been extremely excited to have the space to do so. I know this is a bit of a tease – but I promise I’ll fill you in when I write my next post. I think that this might be leading me somewhere exciting, but I need to have some more time to think about it and to explore before I can share here.

Wishing you all a lovely and restful week!


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