So I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while, but was afraid that it would become too exhaustive or pedantic to share in this space. I do however feel like I have some knowledge I want to share with you all, and I hope that it proves useful. I have always struggled with a choppy immune system, and even my friends used to make fun of me for always being sick (can you imagine anything worse than being made to feel guilty for having strep throat?) Specifically, I struggled with throat and sinus infections, and would frequently have to take antibiotics. Though of course I’m grateful that western medicine has advanced and we can cure these kinds of severe infections, after a seven week long struggle last spring (I kid you not – I had to be on four consecutive doses of different antibiotics) I decided there had to be another way to strengthen my immune system. So with the help of loving friends – thank you Sian for the tough love! – I now am taking care of myself in a new way and feel SO MUCH BETTER. It’s been a truly incredible transformation, and I haven’t had to take a course of antibiotics since I started supporting my body with supplements and vitamins (knock on wood of course). So, in short, I thought I’d share some of my knowledge here, in hopes that someone else might benefit.

***DISCLAIMER: I am in no way a medical professional and am only sharing what remedies and methods work for my personal use. I am in no way telling anyone that they SHOULD use these products and would recommend you speak with a doctor or naturopath before proceeding***

I’ll include links to some of the more specific products that I like, but some I don’t have a specific preference for in terms of brand.

Daily Vitamins

I find you have to take these for a few months before you start to see results, but BOY do you see results!! I take these every single day.


(left to right)

Vitamin C: I had this brand recommended to me by one of my mom’s friends who is a nurse. GREAT for general immunity and wellbeing, and something I take every day. Find it here!

Female + B: My favorite daily multivitamin, which also helps with iron fortification as I have a tendency to be anemic. (Also it doesn’t make my stomach upset like some multis can.) Find it here.

Vitamin D: This s a great daily combo vitamin D in a liquid format. I use 2 drops on my tongue a day. Find it here.

Sleep and Relaxation

Another set that I pretty much use every day. I’ve always had trouble sleeping and these remedies have worked wonders.


(left to right)

Natural Calm: GREAT for relaxation, regular digestion, menstrual cramps, you name it! (I prefer the unflavored variety, but the lemon raspberry is pretty good.) Find it here.

Melatonin: A nice natural sleep aid that I think of as the “falling asleep” helper. I like the sublingual variety but don’t really have a preferred brand. You can find a lot of great versions of melatonin online and in health food stores.

Rescue Sleep: A nice nighttime version of rescue remedy for sleeplessness (I don’t use this every day, just when I feel especially pent-up). Find it here.

L-Tryptophan: This is another natural relaxation / sleep aid that’s my “staying asleep” helper. You might recognize it as an amino acid that occurs in your Thanksgiving turkey. Again, no preferred brand, but most natural food stores carry it.

Ashwagandha Root – This is maybe one of my FAVORITE remedies. SO GREAT for sleep / relaxation AND for immune support. It has about a million other uses and benefits and I would highly recommend it. I don’t necessarily have a preferred brand, but you can get it as either a pill or a droplet (I’ve used both).

Immune Support

There are remedies I don’t use every day, but will frequently use if I’m feeling under the weather, or even just really tired to help boost my immune system.


(left to right)

Apple Cider Vinegar: This is probably the holy grail of tonsil health products. GREAT as a gargle and to drink. It’s basically good for your entire body from digestion to immune support to skin care. I highly recommend this brand, as it’s organic and includes the “Mother.” Find it here.

Yin Chiao: Another staple of my immune system’s well-being. I use this at the onset of a cold and take 4 pills 3X a day. Find it here.

Cypress oil solution: Essential oils have also been a really helpful part of my health transformation. This cypress oil is for lymph health, and I rub it on my neck and throat to promote lymph flow. This is another where I don’t really have a preferred brand, but would recommend reading about diluting the oil before direct contact with skin, as this can be dangerous. I use jojoba oil as my carrier oil, as some other vegetable oils can become rancid.

Well Being

These are remedies, salves, and practices I use for supporting my general well-being and mental health.


(left to right)

Aurum Lavender Rose Cream: I LOVE this product. It’s rubbed on the chest over the heart when feeling overwhelmed, sad, stressed, (or even perfectly content), for extra warmth and protection. It smells heavenly, and always makes me feel better. Find it here.

Lavender Essential Oil: Another solution just for general well-being and relaxation. It can also be used to relieve bug bites, but I typically use a little if I’m feeling overwhelmed and need a pick-me-up. Again, remember to dilute the oil before skin contact.

Phosphorus: This is my “constitutional” homeopathic remedy. I included this more as a general encouragement to delve into homeopathics. Basically, a “constitutional” is like an essential remedy or one that embodies your particular health needs. I take it 3X a day if I’m not feeling like myself to try and be grounded again.

Relaxed Mind Tea: My absolute favorite tea brand! This is also my favorite variety, and I am a huge believer that tea cures most things 🙂 find it here.

Meditation: I’ve been trying to attend the “Meditation and Tea” sessions my friend Aislinn leads three times a week. It’s been an EXTREMELY helpful part of my general well-being and happiness. Meditation not only supports a calm and focused mind, but also I’ve read it supports your immune system too!

Yoga: Another endeavor I constantly try to devote more time to. I’m not particularly athletic (though I was very competitive in volleyball in High School) so I find it’s helpful to do something that helps me get in my body.


Thank you so much for reading / skimming / or even scrolling past. Here are some pictures of the absolutely burgeoning Ohio spring!


The Snow Queen in front of the library.
The blossoms are so full of bees the whole tree seems to buzz.


Sweet Kevin.

Thank you all so much for stopping by.

Wishing you a peaceful and lovely week ahead.



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