Little Joys

Some freshly laundered socks!
The sweet image for April in my Elsa Beskow Calendar.
Hot chocolate at a gathering with friends!
Kevin and my parents outside of one of the English buildings.
This little guy was such a clown.


A “new” upcycled dress.

In these last few weeks, I’ve been reveling in ordinariness. My parents came to visit Gambier last weekend, and we had a lovely couple of days walking around campus (when it wasn’t snowing!), having Friday Cafe with friends, and (of course) playing cards with Kevin. It was really special showing them my campus, particularly at such a beautiful time of year – even the forsythias still bloomed despite the snow. While walking on Saturday (shortly after the picture of Kevin and my parents in front of the yellow house) we saw a bluebird!! He swooped across our path and alighted on a nearby pine. Soon after, a lady bluebird joined him, and they flew together to another tree. I took them as an extremely good omen, and we all stood a while and watched. I suppose I never really realized just how blue they are, as we don’t often see bluebirds in Colorado. I’m hoping if I hang around that area I might catch a glimpse of them again.

I’ve also been enjoying doing chores. I know, I know, this might seem strange, but I think I’m in a spring cleaning frenzy, so washing dishes and doing laundry is appealing. It’s funny how these small accomplishments feel so good. I’ve also been trying to keep my house in flowers – but perhaps trips to the store have been too few and far between – and my tulips are far too wilted and petal-less to share. I also purchased a new water bottle from Hydro Flask and HIGHLY recommend it. It’s good for hot and cold beverages, is BPA free, and is stainless steel. If you’re interested, you can find them here!

I recently learned that I will be in Ohio during the 17 year cicada emergence. I have to admit, this is a terrifying thought, but I’m hoping I’ll find a silver-lining somewhere in the swarm. I am curious to see how the birds will react, perhaps they view it as a buffet opportunity?

All in all, as we hurtle towards graduation, I find myself in a deeper state of mixed emotions. As much as I love Colorado and miss my home, I know that Ohio will always be dear to me. I especially will miss my walks with Kevin down “our road” as we’ve watched the environment there blossom and change with the seasons. I’m also grappling with the thought of leaving friends, it’s so hard to be parted from people so abruptly. I’ll have to get good at letter writing.

For now, I’m still working on appreciating the little things.

Sending love to all.


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