Spring Has Sprung! (and playing some catch-up)


Hello all! Whew it feels like ages since I’ve been able to write here. So much has happened, some good and some not so good. My trip home to Colorado for spring break was filled with so many mixed emotions. My family and I had some really hard news so the joy of being home was slightly overshadowed and it was a difficult time. On top of that, I was studying for my big exam as an English major, so I’ve been letting this space be silent for a while. Though we did have many hard moments while I was in Colorado, it was so lovely to see my family and friends there, and I was able to scrape together moments of beauty and gratitude amidst the storm. Kevin flew to Colorado to support me, and his presence was grounding and helpful as always. We threw a super belated Birthday party for me (if you recall my actual birthday is in February) and my mom and I made a slightly lopsided and delicious cake.


Almost half gone in one sitting!
This sweet old girl was wishing she could have cake too.

Being back at school, I feel like spring has finally arrived! My big exam was last Saturday the 26th and since then, I’ve been enjoying the beautiful weather and flowers. On Easter, I went to a church service with my friends just to experience another way of celebrating (my first ever Easter service). I so wish I had time to dye eggs and make some of these little friends, but with everything being as chaotic as it’s been I’ve been trying to be gentle with myself and not try and “do” everything. I did manage to snap some beautiful pictures on my Easter walk with Kevin!




The forsythia was insane! I couldn’t help taking a lot of pictures.
A little traveler I saw walking home from class the other day. Looks like she’s hard at work gathering fluff for a nest.





I finally revamped my nature table to reflect springtime. Hopefully, I’ll have more plants to add as the season continues as it looks a little barren right now. I’m looking forward to more crafting too – although I know most of it will have to wait until I’m home from school. I’m especially excited to start knitting again – and I’ve been looking at some simple patterns to get me started (mostly hats and maybe even socks!). I’ve also been very dedicated to looking for little figures and fairies and ideas for nature tables. Does anyone have a favorite place to get little gnomes or fairies? I’m also hoping to find some figures for Michaelmas in the fall – so send along ideas for that as well (honestly with my Waldorf training I may end up making most of my own, but it’s nice to have a variety).

Wishing you all peace and joy and a tranquil week ahead.



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