Leap Day!

It’s so exciting that we get an “extra” day this year! It feels almost magical, as if February 29th appears in a non linear way and Leap Day truly is an “extra” sun cycle. I took the chance to celebrate in a small way – walking in the sunshine and admiring the woodland.

It was another busy day along our curving road! The sparrows were hard at work homemaking, the deer were grazing, and a quick squirrel darted up a tree with his mouth absolutely stuffed full of leaves. The leaves and sticks poked out on either side of his face, and Kevin and I couldn’t help but laugh.

Alas, I didn’t catch the leaf-munching culprit, but here’s one of his friends.

We also saw a red cardinal perched in a tree singing his clear song. I couldn’t get a good closeup picture of him – but did manage to get a nice shot of the trees and sky with the bird silhouetted in the center.


Last, but of course not least, I captured one of the little pollinators visiting the yellow flowers. It makes me so happy to see bees hard at work – and is always a reminder of how we must cherish and protect our honeybee populations.


I hope this Leap Day brought time to reflect, participate, and appreciate the sun and flowers. I’m heading home to Colorado on Saturday, and am looking forward to sharing my time there with my parents and friends. It’s always strangely melancholy and simultaneously relieving to go home for breaks. I always find I miss things at Kenyon when I leave, but love Colorado even more every time I go home. I’m excited to see the mountains again!

Wishing a wonderful week to all.


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