A Reminder

It seems like such a long time since my last post – and so much has happened! After being waylaid with illness I’ve been unable to update as often as I would like, so I thought I might give some highlights from the last few weeks as a reminder of all the joy and gratitude I experience each day.

As we moved through the cold month of February, I celebrated Valentine’s day with Kevin, as well as my Birthday last Saturday. It it was a humbling experience to celebrate these occasions with people who expressed so much love, especially as these past couple weeks have been particularly challenging both physically and emotionally. Despite these challenges, I’m trying to “float through” noticing the pain and what’s hard without being consumed by it. It’s a difficult task, but one I feel more prepared to face with such supportive people by my side.

The flowers Kevin gave me for Valentine’s day!


This semester, I’ve taken to walking more and more, appreciating the beauty of Mother Nature and seeing all the little animals along the roads and trails. I’ve developed a special fondness for the squirrels, as they scamper and gather in their daily routines.

This is my special friend who lives across from my house.

Now as the spring creeps in, I’m reminded every day how we are approaching the end of winter at long last. It seems that the cloudy Candlemas day really is promising an early spring. Even so – surprises are still ahead – and sometimes Old Man Winter comes back to deposit several inches of snow, transforming the barren campus into a glittering snow-globe for a few days.


Kevin on an evening walk.


Early evening magic!

Days after the snow had fallen, it was all melted away, and we emerged in a sun drenched world. On my Birthday, Kevin and I visited the Quarry Chapel nearby, and relished the open sky and warming sun as we wandered around the little churchyard.




Now, on my walk today, I saw the full combination of the sun and snow. New little yellow flowers dotted my familiar road, mingling with the snowdrops. A murder of crows zoomed overhead, making an absolute racket, while nearby, a squirrel picked his way through the fallen leaves. Crossing a road, Kevin and I even spied a deer meandering to graze on the other side. It seemed that the woods were an explosion of life and color, and I felt the excitement of the coming season.



As the sun set, the Snow Moon rose in the east, and signaled another complete cycle of wintertime. While I mourn the loss of the introspection and solitude of winter, I look forward to stretching out into spring.


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