Anticipation and New Beginnings

Hello! I’m so excited to begin my adventure sharing this space with readers! Thank you all for reading and visiting. I wanted to start out with a reflection on nature and gratitude – a kind of anticipatory moment leading up to the celebration of Candlemas on Tuesday morning.

Living at Kenyon and managing school work with activities, friends, and a wonderful relationship, I have been trying to find joy in the quiet moments each day. This evening before dinner, Kevin and I decided to meander on a longer route to the dining hall, taking a little winding road that dips through the woods on the eastern edge of campus. Chatting with each other and noticing the simultaneous chatter of birds in the trees, we came across so many wonderful friends along the way. Sparrows flitted through the brambles and thickets, a big fat robin sat eyeing us imperiously, and deer picked their way across a meadow.

They heard us coming but were brave enough to stay while I crept closer.

But perhaps the most exciting moment of our excursion came in the smallest of ways. Nearing the main road, I looked down to notice that a little bunch of snowdrops were growing in the moss. Brightly trumpeting the first inklings of spring, they reminded me of the earth’s slow awakening back into the long days of summer. I felt grateful for the little bunch, their cheerful bell-like blossoms, and the promise they held for renewal.


Though we still have some weeks of wintertime ahead of us, and though I appreciate the quiet contemplation that winter offers, it was lovely to see a spark of anticipation for the months ahead. On Tuesday when we celebrate Candlemas, we will acknowledge the anticipation of that transition, as the earth thaws, and new roads unwind.


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